Hi! I am Tanvi Nagar. I am a freshmen at The University of Hong Kong studying International Business and Global Management. I am the former Head Girl of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon. I am the recipient of the Philip K.H Wong Scholarship and the HKU Entrance Scholarship. I have been  writing for the past eight years and am passionate about public speaking, travelling, playing sports and reading.

I have experience in editing for International Magazines including Cathartic Literary Magazine and Ice Lolly Review. I am a Student Ambassador for HKU, core team member for The LHT HKU Badminton Team, team lead at HKU International Case Society and an Equal Opportunity Student Ambassador. In between work, assignments and projects I love to sip a cup of coffee and take morning walks! 

A Few Quick Links


I have written several books, contributed to newspapers, anthologies and magazines. You can view more through the link below:

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I love to study- it’s my passion! My favourite subjects are maths, economics and psychology. You can view more by clicking this link:

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         Awards List 

You can view a few of my achievements, I am most proud of by clicking this link:

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My Passions

Research Work

I have written three research papers published in  International journals. 

Internships and Volunteer Service

I love to serve the community and try to make the world a better place. 


Through various leadership positions and internships, I try my best to use my skills to empower others and work with my peers to build a better, brighter and more inclusive future.