Winner in the Gurgaon District Badminton Championship for six consecutive years.

-Winner of the Haryana State Badminton Championship in the year 2013-14.

-Winner of the Haryana State Badminton Championship by the Department of Education(SGFI) (2016)

-Winner in the State level badminton tournament organised by Khel Academy, Decathlon, Wildcats and Yo Gems.

-Part of the School Badminton Team and represented the school for the Inter-DPS National Badminton Championship 2018-19.


-I love to debate and voice my opinions of various topics- be it gender equality, unity in diversity to simply reciting various genres of poems. They help me grow, reflect and introspect. These are some elocution events I have taken part in.

-Selected to perform in ‘Voice of Youth’ (A poetic Evening) by Story Mirror and Abeer Entertainment.

-Performed in an Open Mic event organised by Sukoon in collaboration with Oxford Bookstore at CP, Delhi.

-Invited to perform in Impulsive Verses- a poetry recitation evening 3.0 on 7th July 2019.

-Performed a self-composed poem in Open Mic event organised by Poetry Couture.

-I have won awards in several inter-school MUN’s, right from the Best Delegate award in the VIDMUN ’19, SHIS MUN ’20 to the High Commendation Award in the XMUN’19. The full list can be viewed along with my school award list.