Experiences as a first year student at the University of Hong Kong.

1. Honoraray Secretary-Astrèas, A Performing Arts Society.

2. Student Ambassador, The University of Hong Kong.

3. Badminton Core Team, Lady Ho Tung Hall, HKU.

4. Publication Committee, LHT, HKU & Member of Green Drive, LHT, HKU.

5. Equal Opportunity Student Ambassador, HKU.

Posts Held in the Student Council at Delhi Public School, Gurgaon-

1. Head Girl-2021-22-Student Council

As the Head Girl at DPS Gurgaon, I work towards building a smooth channel of communication between my peers and the board of directors, teachers and coordinators. I lead a 6000+ student body towards working together to strive for excellence- both in the sphere of academics and extra curriculars. I participate in various events, competitions and represent my school at various platforms in various spheres of school life.

2. Editor- 2020-21-Vice Student Council 

As the editor of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, I have led many students toward building a better future by using the skills of writing and editing. I have edited the literary magazine of my school, contributed to the school webzine and also worked on the annual yearbook. I have learnt a lot about pursuing my passion and helping others grow and work with me. 

Experience as a Student Representative for by school-

1.Student Representative for Wayne College, North California- 

As a representative for my school, I have worked with teammates from a school in Poland- VIII Prywatne Akademickie Liceum Ogólnokształcące of Kraków and the the Wayne Community College of North Carolina, United States of America on the project, “Research in the Humanities: Investigations in Human Migration.” We conducted an in-depth study of what it means to be a migrant and a refugee, in the current political and social world scenario. This project tested our team-building, research, leadership, innovation and design thinking skills. We developed a podcast which can be viewed through,

2. Student Representative at the Boston Latin School, United States of America-

I am part of the team representing DPS Gurgaon for the International Project on ‘Civic Obligation and Responsibility’ by the Boston Latin School, United States of America. It is a global exploration of civic obligation and civic responsibility to advance a worldwide collective good. It is a platform to voice opinions and thoughts at a global level, and provide for a wholistic development of the students. It tests innovation ans design thinking skills.

3. LET’S CHAT Initiative- Mental Health Helpline

As a volunteer for the Let’s Chat Initiative, a helpline number launched by Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, I have worked to help my peers and juniors cope with the pandemic and face anxiety and stress, during the unprecedented times. 

Editor at Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine-

As a member of the editorial board at the Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine, I review work from more than 6 continents and 100 countries of the world. I have not only worked to encourage my peers towards building a better, brighter and inclusive future but also help my fellow writers grow passionate about issues like mental health.


Editor for the Ice Lolly Review Literary Magazine-

As a member of the editorial board at Ice Lolly Review, I work towards promoting literature and writing among my peers. I help my fellow writers develop the skills of creative writing by providing regular feedback and curating, editing and selecting the work we receive from all over the world. Working in the team, helps me grow and learn so much as well. 


Contributing Poet for the Chasing Shadows Literary Magazine-

As a writer for the Chasing Shadows Literary Magazine, I write poetry pieces on a monthly basis and through my work, try to encourage other writers, to share their thoughts and opinions on a global platform.